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The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) annually presents, in collaboration with FX Network and other national cable television area partners, the PRISM Awards™, the nationally-televised showcase recognizing the accurate depiction of substance abuse and mental illness: prevention, treatment and recovery in film, television, interactive, music, DVD, and comic book entertainment. Established in 1997, the PRISM Awards honor productions that are not only powerfully entertaining, but realistically show substance abuse and addiction, as well as mental health issues.

Recognition Categories(26) & Performance Awords

PRISM Award submissions are put through a rigorous nomination review process, judged by members of the creative community and scientific experts for entertainment value, accessibility of the message, and scientific accuracy. The production in each category that best exemplifies these three objectives is presented with a PRISM trophy at the annual event, held in Hollywood.

The PRISM Awards also has categories to recognize actors for their outstanding performances of substance abuse, addiction and mental illness onscreen, in television and feature films. These categories expand our celebration of “the art of making a difference” to include those who use themselves and their performances as instruments to show the real-life effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and mental illness on the lives of the characters they play and their loved ones.

Special Heritage Award & Presidents Award

EIC also presents a PRISM Heritage Award for the creators and/or stars of productions released before the founding of the PRISM Awards that accurately portray drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues. The Presidents Award Honor unique, ground breaking productions or performances that initiate new directions in entertainment depictions, advocacy, and policy.

The Art of Making a Difference

The PRISM Awards encourage creators to make the most of their rights to free creative expression, while at the same time showing the reality of these health issues. As a part of the industry, EIC never wants to inhibit the creative process; however, we take pride in being the first to applaud creators who use their power and influence over their audiences wisely and responsibly, informing them while at the same time entertaining them. This is what we refer to as “the art of making a difference” .